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Data Driven Decisions

As a business leader, you are constantly faced with making decisions, often difficult ones! Of course, you want them to be based on the right data. It doesn't matter if it is an issue of capital investment options, expanding to a new location, purchasing or leasing new equipment... the bottom line impact of your decision depends upon the availability and accuracy of the right data!


Do you have a "Big Data" or a "wrong data" problem? We know how to mine and analyze data and present it without clouding it it in all the underlying mathematics... of course, if you want the math, that too is one of our strengths! We turn critical data elements into meaningful information for practical, affordable solutions with the supporting justification you need.

Addressing the Unknown Unknowns

You have worked through the problem and have decided on a course of action. So, what happens if you are wrong? Can you recover and/or modify your plan quickly enough not to impact the rest of your operation? What about the ever present risk?

Improving the Bottom Line

Studies have shown that most companies spend 25-40% of their revenue addressing mistakes whereas companies employing lean and/or six sigma spend less than 5%.


If you are a large company, you can afford to invest the time and money training lean six sigma green belts, black belts and master black belts. It worked great for Motorola, GE and Toyota, but most mid-size and smaller companies cannot afford the investment in required overhead. They can, however, call on companies like ORSA to work with them to achieve the same level of success!

Consider making us a part of your team and your success!


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