Ever since George Dantzig published the simplex method of linear programming, businesses around the world have adopted operations research (operational research in Great Britain) to make better decisions.  Of course, many other tools besides linear program have advanced the field and there is significant cross-over with Industrial Engineering and the broad area of Management Science.


ORSA Corporation has the background, technical knowledge and experience to apply the tools of operations research
and systems analysis to assist corporate decision makers with such problems as inventory planning, route planning, personnel allocation, analysis of alternatives for capital investments, product mix and many other areas where the consequences of the wrong decision can be very costly.


In recent years, the fields of operations research and systems analysis have expanded to incorporate new tools such as lean manufacturing/lean processing and lean six sigma for process improvement.  It is estimated that the average process in U.S. corporations today involves some form or error about 40 percent of the time.   A reduction of the error rate of only 15% can typically save 20% of revenue and getting the error rate down to under 10% can recover 25% of revenue.  This represents a major improvement to the company’s bottom line!


ORSA Corporation can help you address these and other issues.


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