The Department of Defense has been the principal customer for ORSA for the first decade of our existence whether directly for an Army, Marine Corps. Air Force customer or for defense contractors who employ us to support their defense department customer.


In that decade we have provided technical support ranging from the verification and validation of OneSAF and the MATREX family of models to the development of the Integrated Casualty Assessment Model used by both the Army and the Air Force to assess lethality and survivability of systems and components. We have developed algorithms and approaches to improve models and provide command and control decision aids to ground combat commanders in the field.


Our technical staff has many years of experience predating the start of our company.  They applied their skills to the systems analysis, systems effectiveness assessments and the test & evaluation of the Abrams Family of Tanks, the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle variants, the Apache and Comanche Helicopters, and many munitions ranging from hand carried personal weapon rounds to 125 mm tank fired bullets and TOW Missiles.


If there is a military application need for operations research and/or systems analysis we have the knowledge and background to provide what you need. Those same technical approaches can be used effectively to support any government agency looking to improve the services they provide for our country




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